I've always wondered why people can be abuse and unkind to the people they claim to love. The thing is, one cannot give what they don't have, so it is hard to be kind to others if you don't have kindness for yourself. Most people really speak to others the same way they speak to themselves.

If you're dealing with unkind people, try not to judge because we never know why people are the way they are and what they might have gone through.
Not judging and trying to understand and empathize doesn't mean you have to stick around and get hurt either. It is not selfish to chose yourself first and get some distance if you feel you need it.
The more time you spend hearing negative words the more likely you are let them sink in.

If you're not really able to distance yourself from negative and unkind people, try to be more mindful of your thoughts. Watch what you say to yourself and how you talk and react to others. Try to spend more time around positive people. Make sure you don't subconsciously become unkind.
My dad once told me: You can always learn something from others, regardless of whether you like them or not. Try to focus on what you can learn from these people.

Sometimes you'd meet unkind people that would try and make you feel like you are the problem, that is NOT true. Do not change yourself for anybody.
Don't be tempted to be unkind back and give people a taste of their medicine. When you know better, you do better.

Here are a few ways you can be Kind to Yourself

Treat yourself to a nice bath, a spa, a weekend away...

Practice positive affirmation.

Read a nice book.

Meditate. Get in touch with yourself.

Make some time for your hobbies.

Be Kind towards others. Doing good will make you feel good.

Here are a few ways you can be Kind to Others

Give someone a meaningful compliment.

Leave a lovely note for your partner to find.

Write an appreciation letter to a friend.

Buy coffee/juice/water/a sandwich for a colleague.

Donate your used books.

Volunteer at a local shelter.

Remember promote what you like instead of bashing what you hate. I hope you had a good Wednesday. If you have any kindness tips please share in the comment section.

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