Hello and Welcome to Find Your Bliss.

I'm Sauniya - Believer, Lover, Thinker.
I like all things Growth, Self Love, Health, Fitness, Wellness, among other things. 
I think a lot and this blog is a place where I would share pieces of the many things that go through my mind everyday.

The main goal of the blog is to promote Positive Living, Self Love, Encouragement and Togetherness.. but also Connect with wonderful people out there.
I'd share some Life Lessons & Life Hacks, Health & Fitness tips, Art & Fashion, Inspiration and Ideas to have Fun and Enjoy Life.
Through Find Your Bliss I hope to have a positive impact in at least a single life out there.

I am slightly unconventional, I try to live outside the box and you might see reflection of this in the blog.
Find Your Bliss shares a  with a lot of tmy personal thoughts and lessons on a variety of subjects. I guess you could say this is a Personal meet Lifestyle blog.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you Find Your Bliss here!


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