I've always wondered why people can be abuse and unkind to the people they claim to love. The thing is, one cannot give what they don't have, so it is hard to be kind to others if you don't have kindness for yourself. Most people really speak to others the same way they speak to themselves.

If you're dealing with unkind people, try not to judge because we never know why people are the way they are and what they might have gone through.
Not judging and trying to understand and empathize doesn't mean you have to stick around and get hurt either. It is not selfish to chose yourself first and get some distance if you feel you need it.
The more time you spend hearing negative words the more likely you are let them sink in.

If you're not really able to distance yourself from negative and unkind people, try to be more mindful of your thoughts. Watch what you say to yourself and how you talk and react to others. Try to spend more time around positive people. Make sure you don't subconsciously become unkind.
My dad once told me: You can always learn something from others, regardless of whether you like them or not. Try to focus on what you can learn from these people.

Sometimes you'd meet unkind people that would try and make you feel like you are the problem, that is NOT true. Do not change yourself for anybody.
Don't be tempted to be unkind back and give people a taste of their medicine. When you know better, you do better.

Here are a few ways you can be Kind to Yourself

Treat yourself to a nice bath, a spa, a weekend away...

Practice positive affirmation.

Read a nice book.

Meditate. Get in touch with yourself.

Make some time for your hobbies.

Be Kind towards others. Doing good will make you feel good.

Here are a few ways you can be Kind to Others

Give someone a meaningful compliment.

Leave a lovely note for your partner to find.

Write an appreciation letter to a friend.

Buy coffee/juice/water/a sandwich for a colleague.

Donate your used books.

Volunteer at a local shelter.

Remember promote what you like instead of bashing what you hate. I hope you had a good Wednesday. If you have any kindness tips please share in the comment section.


What I've Been Enjoying Lately

Being less bothered
You can't please everybody. I know this already but still sometimes let others get to me. It doesn't matter if someone thinks I'm a blue goat, I'm not going to turn into one so why should I care?!

Liza Koshy on YouTube
I heard about Liza and saw a few snippets of her videos on Instagram but only recently checked her YouTube channel. She is amazingly creative  and I just love love her sense of humor.

Ariana Grande
Even though she is extremely talented I feel like I'm a bit old to be listening to Ariana's music. I stiil enjoy a lot of her tunes. Out of nowhere this week I got hooked on her song "Into You" and I still can't take it out of my head.
[Just googled it and even though she had that sweet baby face she is actually 23 :O.]

Finding new Inspiration 
I've been catching up on Oprah life class and learning so much from others experiences, different ways to look at my own experiences, new ways to think about challenging situations and so much more life inspiration. I love it!

Life can keep us very busy and even get tough at times, so it is very important to make sure we still enjoy it as much as we can.
I hope you all had a great week.

What have you been enjoying lately? Let me know in the comments.

Enjoy your weekend dearies :)


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Healthy Eating Tips for Beginners

One very common resolution people make at the start of the year is to change their diet habits and start eating clean. I have it as one of my goals this year not just because of all the health benefits but also because of the boost of energy I have everyday when I eat healthy. 
If your looking to get rid of the few pounds packed during the holiday season, trying to get a summer body ready or working on improving your lifestyle, I strongly encourage you to make eating clean one of your goals.
In this post I'm going to share a few tips with you to help you transit to healthier eating habits. 
Don't try to suppress all junk food overnight and eat salad only. Instead, start introducing more healthy options to your meals and progressively improve your eating habits. Slowly add more veggies to your plate, substitute fried food for oven baked or boiled, snack more on fruits.. This works better long term and you're less likely to cheat and get discouraged and all back into your old habits.

Plan ahead
Make a shopping list before going to the store/market and stick to it. Don't buy anything you're trying to avoid. If you buy and keep cookies around your house, you're very likely to end up stuffing yourself with them.
Prepare your meals before hand. Cook enough for the day or the whole week if you can. Store in small containers and heat the food when you're ready to have it. Having meals ready ahead saves you from improvising and getting an unhealthy quick fix when you're hungry. This would also help you budget and save some money.
Drink more water
Ditch the soda, energy drinks and other unhealthy beverage. Start drinking more water. Ideally you should have about 2 liters of water a day. Have a tall glass in the morning, in between and during meals and another one before bed. If you're craving something sweet, try natural fruit juices or fruit infused water (fun and yummy).

Stay on top of temptation
The more you try to resist temptation the more you'd think about what is tempting you. So instead of denying yourself completely of your guilty pleasures learn to consume them in moderation. You can have a scoop of ice cream or a small portion of chocolate once in a while. Don't cheat and ruin all your progress by stuffing yourself every time you're having a treat. Remember, you trying to build healthier habits.

Be patient
Change take time so don't be too harsh on yourself. Take it one step/change at the time. If you find yourself cheating, don't get discouraged and fall back into your old habits. Pick it up from there and keep going. Remember, the beginning is always the hardest but this is nothing you can't do.

Other healthy eating posts I have coming up:
-Meal planning tips
-What should be on your plate
-Healthy snack ideas
-Meal sizing
-Healthy alternatives

I tried to keep this post light but informative enough.
Let me know if there is anything you would like me to talk about.
What are your resolutions for the year? Feel free to share them in the comment section.


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Polka Dot Dress

My taste is pretty simple when it comes to fashion. I don't do patterns a lot but typically go with the basic stripes and dots. Effortlessly classy.
I think every girl should have in their wardrobe a polka dot item. They are perfect for an effortless chic and elegant look, very easy to style and they never go out of trend.
I got to chose this lovely polka dot dress from Rosegal
Like I was saying earlier in the post, this dress [styled by my sister] would be perfect for a get together with friends or even a date.
The dress is very nice and light but I would have preferred the top a bit stretchier. You can find it Here.

I also got this nice hoodie [modeled by my sis] from Dresslily. The fabric is really light but it is warm enough. I love the patterns on the sleeves, hoodie and pockets.
This is a go to for a casual and comfy look.
You can find the hoodie Here.

Both these items are at an affordable price and I would say the quality pretty much matches the price. If you decide to order from these stores remember that their size are a lot smaller than usual. The dress was a size large instead of my usual medium but was still very tight. The sweater was a medium and fit well.

I hope you all had a wonderful start of the year. Have a great weekend everyone!


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Good Things..

Happy New Year!!
It's also my birthday today. For some reasons turning a year older is making me reassess my whole life lol. I don't mind though. I am not where my younger self had imagined I would be today but I'm not in a bad place either. I hope I never get to a point where I'm simply comfortable and stop setting new goals, challenging myself and growing.
There is a lot I want to happen career wise but I only have limited control over things. I'm just going to prepare for everything I pray for and make the best of whatever happens.

In terms of self improvement I really have to work on better time management and eradicate this bad procrastination habit I've had for years now (I know this is going to be a though one).

My goals are mainly based on progress and self improvement. I don't want to focus on too much at the same time so I broke it down this way (among other things)..

I'm doing a 9 week workout plan starting tomorrow January 2nd and ending on March 5th. March sounds far away but I just had another 9 week program to end the year 2016 and it went unbelievably quick. I'm also going to practice eating breakfast this same period and avoid improvised unhealthy snacks before lunch. 

I'm going to do more reading, educate myself more and try to find new source of inspiration every week. I've also switched my routines a bit and trying to get myself out my comfort zone (I'm hoping this would help stimulate my mind differently). 

I've started the Joyce Meyer 365 days promises for your everyday life devotional on the Bible app. First day was very enlightening and motivating and I'm pretty excited about the other 364 days.

I'm slightly anxious about this but a in a good way. I'm also trying to take a picture a day to challenge my creativity, I wonder what that's going to turn out like.

These are my main mottos for the year:
Make the best of what you have
Be better than yesterday
Enjoy the moment
Be good, Do good.

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