12 Thought Provoking Questions

Having the right answers to the wrong questions is not worth much but asking the right questions is already part of the answer.
I've been doing a lot of reflection recently (as always, really). I have some pretty important decisions to make and I'm trying to make sure I consider all angles and ask myself all the right questions.

In the same spirit I thought I would share a few thought provoking questions with you.

What I Would Have Worn..

The closest I came to having a prom was watching it in movies. We don't do proms where I'm from, so I've never had one. I always enjoyed seeing others dress up for the occasion though. All the suits and bows and the amazing beautiful dresses.. it definitely sounds like a very fun experience.  

In my high school, we had an end of the year celebration with dance performances, theater and a lot of other very enjoyable activities. I have had the most amazing memories from these times with family and friends but I can't help but wonder what it would have been like to experience the excitement of going to prom, choosing between dresses, and maybe even being accompanied by a hot date. I don't particularly feel like I really missed out on anything tough.

If I had gone to a prom I would have opted for something a little like this:
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