12 Thought Provoking Questions

Having the right answers to the wrong questions is not worth much but asking the right questions is already part of the answer.
I've been doing a lot of reflection recently. I have some pretty important decisions to make and I'm trying to make sure I consider all angles and ask myself all the right questions.

In the same spirit I thought I would share a few thought provoking questions with you.


What I Would Have Worn..

The closest I came to having a prom was watching it in movies. We don't do proms where I'm from so I've never had one. I always enjoyed seeing the younger ones dress up for the occasion though (not to make myself sound so old). All the suits and bows and the amazing beautiful dresses.. it definitely sounds like a very fun experience.  

We had an end of the year celebration with dance performances, theater and a lot of other very enjoyable activities. I have the most amazing memories from these times with family and friends but the fact that prom is so much more talked about always made me wonder what made it so popular. I don't particularly feel like I really missed out on anything tough.

If I had gone to a prom I would have opted for something a little like this:
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