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It's actually been exactly 6 months today since my first blog post. I can't believe this much time have passed. I barely felt it. Even though I haven't been as consistent as I would have liked with the blog, I've really been enjoying sharing, connecting with you and reading from you both on here and on your blogs. I really wanted take the time to show my appreciation and say thank you to everyone of you.
Ok I don't want to spend too much time rambling about this half year anniversary. I think this holiday season is getting me a bit emotional. Does anyone else feels like this?

Today I want to share with you a few random thoughts that have been on my head. Some food for thoughts, note to self and to you too:

-There is no happy ever after. There is no one point you get to in life or single event that makes the rest of your life effortless and happy. Life would keep throwing challenges at you and you'd have to keep working to make things happen, grow and evolve.

-Don't believe in the misconception that a confident person is perfect. You can be the most confident person and still have flaws or insecurities. Neither flaws nor insecurities make you an insecure person. You can be confident while you're working on improving yourself.

-You can not wish for anything to change but not be willing to make a change in yourself. The whole world around you will not adjust so you can get what you want. Change starts with you.

-It's absolutely ok to have standards higher than what others expect of you. Not everyone would share your passion and vision. Fight for what you believe in.

-You should love yourself exactly as you are right now. Loving and accepting yourself doesn't mean never changing. There is no growth without change. The love you have for yourself is exactly what should push you to want what is best for yourself.

To Do Before The Year Ends

This year has gone by pretty fast for me. It didn't happen quite the way I expected but it was  relatively good overall. There are only 20 days left to the year. That might not sound like a lot but it is still plenty of time to finish the year right.
Here are a few things you should do before the year is over:

• Get a check up
If you haven't already this year, set an appointment with your doctor to get a health check up to make sure everything is good. It's very important to stay on top of you health.

 Re-organize around
You don't want to carry any mess around you into the new year. Tidy up, get your room a make over. A fresh environment always helps to get yourself in a fresh spirit.

 Give back
 At the end of the year, there are always a lot of clothing items and other goods accumulated you no longer use and could donate to someone in need. Giving back is a great way to show our gratitude. You can also help by doing some volunteering work.

 Treat yourself
Take some time to enjoy just You. Go on a weekend trip to a part of town you haven't visited yet, treat yourself to a nice spa day, Enjoy a good movie, whatever makes you happy.

 Reflect on the year
Look back and appreciate all the moments of joy, your accomplishments, every lessons you learned, everything you could have improved, even the moments of pain. Taking the time to evalute your year helps you plan the new one better.

 Set goals for the upcoming year
What do you want most out of 2017. Whether it's personal growth, career progress, travels, fun.. Start setting your goals now and think of the different ways you could make them happen.

Regardless of whether this was a good year or not for you. Get together with family and friends and celebrate. Which ever way you want to do it, reminiscing over a nice dinner, telling funny stories, out partying.. just have Fun.


Hello Everyone. I hope you all are well.

I now officially have more drafts than published posts. So much on my head I have been drafting but still haven't been able to make enough time to perfect everything and put it up.   
I can believe we are only 3 weeks a few days away from the new year. I'm very excited yo get into the new year but at the same time a little sad to let 2016 go. I get the same feeling this time every year and never really get used to it. I've been focused on making myself ready for the new year. I'm trying to get into 2017 with a good spirit and better habits already. There are few things I want to happen, most of them relating to personal development, but I don't want to wait for the beginning of the year to start working on things. I mean if I can do it now why wait?! Plus I know myself well enough. If I start putting it for tomorrow then tomorrow I'd be in that same state of mind, I'll keep on procrastinating and it will never happen because tomorrow never dies. New year, new beginning, new things usually bring new motivation but why not start now since I already have the motivation, and make it better when the new year comes. 
Ok, I ended up writing a lot more than I thought I would. I hope you are making the best of this last month.  
Here is a little mid week motivation for you. Start today.
Have a great Wednesday Everyone!

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