End of July Thoughts

I'll say July was a good month.  💚 
I met some new people, experienced new things, but most importantly made small progress in the direction of my goals.
The most exciting news of the month has been my little brother passing his A level. I am so proud of him and super excited for what's coming for him. I can't believe just how fast time is going.

I had other exciting news I am not ready to share yet. News I had been waiting for a while. Its not all concrete yet and there is still a lot of work to do but I am Happy!

I guess is safe to say I am officially blogging again.. I mean 3 posts this month lol, that's something :P. It is a lot different than my previous blogging experiences. I find it more difficult to connect with people as it pretty much impossible to search for blogs on blogspot. I don't have a clue how I use to find people.
I still enjoy being able to offload though, just letting my thoughts out.

I learned this month sometimes let my thoughts get in my way. I overthink... pretty much. This isn't really new, it has just manifested in a new way. ..but I'm still working on that.
Advice I would give myself after this month.. Be more confident. Don't stress over what you cannot control. Listen to yourself more than you listen to others. Work hard and let God do the rest.

I am excited about the upcoming month. I want August to be a month of Hard Work, maybe with  lil' bit of adventure.. We'll see!

A lil mid week motivation..

There is only One YOU!
Do not waste your life trying to be someone else or following others.. most people don't know where they are going anyway... You'd only end up loosing yourself. Just be You and you'd attract the right people.
You're Awesome!
Have Faith in Yourself.
Remember your thoughts create your reality. 
Set Goals.. Plan.. Work hard.. Archive.
You Got This! 
You are only as Happy as you make up your mind to be. 
Regardless of whatever happens today make the conscious decision to not let it affect you. Share the happiness, do something nice for someone today 😊
Wake up, Get Excited. Be Grateful for a new day.. New Opportunities.
Don't forget to enjoy the process!

You got This!

Don't stress, Organize 💚
Easier said than done.. especially when you have a lot coming and already feeling overwhelmed, but how else are you going to make it happen?!

Stay Positive 💚
I've already had moments of discouragement in the past, and I'm certainly not trying to re-live them. Sometimes after you've tried and failed a few times, you can let yourself get in a space where you stop giving yourself completely because of the fear/anticipation of a new disappointment... but not being fully invested is exactly what prevents things from happening and creates the same failure you were fearing. It's an endless cycle nobody needs.

Be ready for whatever 💚
Stay active.. keep working hard.. practice practice, put as much luck on your side so that when your time comes, you're fully prepared. 
Focus you mind on being/doing better than the previous day.  That way you can only progress. Big goals organized into small goals.. little steps.. small achievements that would each motivate you to do more and more. That's the cycle you want! 

Trust yourself, and of course don't forget to pray. You got this!

We Are Made to Love

We are made to Love.. Yet I don't seem to see a lot of Love when watching the news recently.

Too many innocent lives being taken away.
Black Lives Matter. . . Police Lives Matter.
I believe there is more than enough Love in our heart for the two. This doesn't mean being against other lives either. Just remember when you say All lives matter, in moments like this, not to just say it as a response to dismiss a cause others are fighting for.
When you believe all lives matter, you should actually care about the lives of humans other than the ones related to you and not stay silent when others are in pain, being oppressed.
If you wouldn't want to be treated the same way Black people are being treated in America why are you staying silent?

Compassion should not be selective.
There are no sides to take when it comes to Human rights, Equally, Fairness.
Let's not fight each other but fight TOGETHER. Together we can create a Better Future.

R.I.P to all the innocents that have loss their lives.  May their love ones find Healing, Peace and Comfort.

Lets change the way we treat each other and promote more LOVE.

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