Introvert Problems

I do consider myself to be an introvert.
It is a bittersweet label, not only because we all seem to have different understanding when it comes to the actual meaning of the word, but also because of all the misconceptions associated with it.
When I say I'm an introvert people can assume anything from the word,boring, shy, non-sociable, hung up... what not. I simply enjoy my own space a lot. Contrary to popular belief, I actually really like people and spending quality time with them, but after a while I just really need to be by myself and recharge. I prefer deep conversations, I never know what to say during small talks as  don't want to say anything that's already obvious or be redundant.
These are some of the characteristics that are true to me.. I do not represent all introverts out there.
Sarah Andersen representing me so well lol

Getting judged as an introvert is pretty much inevitable. You get told you don't know how to enjoy my life etc.. but whatever, I'm happy being me so I don't really care.

I found this chart on Tumblr. I thought it was a funny but yet quite accurate. I can totally relate. Well, except for the speak slowly part. This is by no means meant to stereotype all introverts out there. We are similar in a few ways but all very different and unique individuals. Every introvert has their own personality.
Here are 10 problems I'm sure all introverts know very well.

What are your thoughts? Are you more of an Introvert, Extrovert or Ambivert (in between the two)?
I hope you're all having a Lovely Weekend :)

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Own It

Own your Thoughts, your Feelings, your Emotions.
Own you Actions, your Reactions, your Choices.
Own your Victories and Failures. Own your Strengths and Weaknesses.
Own your Challenges, your Fears, you Happiness.
Own the Consequences for your Acts, Good or Bad.
Own your Past, your Present, your Future.
Own your Circumstance, your Path, your Goals.
Don't live anything up to Chance, to Life or Others.
Don't give your Power away. Own It.
Own your Life.

"If you own this story you get to write the ending." - Brene Brown

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Current Fitness Loves

I love working out. There is never a workout I feel bad about, unless I know I didn't push as hard as I could have. ..but even with all that love, there are still days when I don't feel like working at all and really need that extra push.
Building a good discipline and routine is very important. You get yourself to do what you need to do regardless of your emotion in that moment.

One other thing I found that definitely helps is constantly mixing it up. Trying different routines from various sources. It makes it a lot more fun and really helps you get excited about your workout. It's easy to get bored doing the same things over and over, so I'm constantly looking for something new.

Here are some of the tools I've been enjoying a lot for my workouts recently.

Danielle Peazer Dance Workouts on Youtube
If you don't like working out, I hope you at least like to dance. That way you can easily use that love to get a little sweat out.
What I love the most about Danielle's workouts is that they require no equipment, you can easily squeeze them into your day, they are fun, easy to follow by yourself or with a buddy.
It's light enough for beginners and you can combined with other videos if you're looking for something more advanced.
Here is a routine I've been enjoying.
You can find more Danielle's workouts linked -> Here

Carmen Morgan Workouts on Instagram 
I am on Instagram a lot, so I figured 'why not use it for something more useful?!' I recently discovered Carmen's page.  She has a lot a cool exercises you can do at home, outside, at the gym, with and without equipment. You'd also get some moblity flow.
You can find Carmen's Instagram Here
Here is one of her workouts I did last Thursday

The Nike Training Club (NTC) app 
This one I've been using off and on for about 5 years now. The app is basically your personal trainer. It offers you a large variety of workouts to choose from, and for all levels. You can even create a program to reach your goal, whether it is to slim down, get definition or get strong.
You can download the app for free both on iPhone and Android.

If you have any fitness love or know some cool workout tools please share them.
None of this is sponsored. Just sharing with you what has been working for me. Hopefully you'll find something here that's helps your motivation.

I like a little challenge. If you don't like working out, please share why with me and I'll try to find specific way to motivate you :)
Have a lovely weekend!

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Midweek Motivation

Hey Everyone, I hope you all had a great start of the week. My week had been good so far. Could be a little more productive, but still good. Today I'm sharing some mid week motivation with you. 

Star each day with a grateful heart. Be thankful for a new day and new opportunities. Decide that today is going to be great. Adopt a positive attitude, be happy and share your positive energy with those around you. 

Believe in yourself and what you are capable of. When you believe in something you consciously and subconsciously take actions that go in the direction of making those things happen. When you don't have faith, you don't give it your all in anticipation for a failure, and this exact behavior creates the failure.  

Don't just be active, be Productive. Do something today that gets you a step closer to your goals. Write down a list of everything you want to accomplish for the day, work hard and make it happen.
Be your own competition today. Do not compare your progress to that of anyone else. Focus on being better today than you were yesterday. 

I hope you all have a much productive and happy rest of the week!

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Thought Provoking Questions | #2

Here are some more Thought Provoking Questions for you. You do not have to answer them, they are mainly intended to make you think.
You can find the previous Thoughtful Questions I posted Here.

2. How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?

3. What qualities make you beautiful?

4. When did you last get out of your comfort zone?

5. How often do you renew your mind?

6. What activity makes you lose track of time?

7. Are you fighting for what you believe in?

8. What occupies your mind the most and how does it affect your life?

9. Where would you be in 10 years if you keep heading the direction you're in?

10. What are 3 things you are grateful for right now?

My Fitness Wishlist

I spent a good amount of time this morning rearranging my workout plan. There is always someone or something interfering and this time I tried to plan alternatives. If the 6.00 am workout doesn't happen, I left a lil spot at 8.00 am or 5.00 pm when it was possible to make up for the missed session. I found some new workouts to mix up my routine that got me excited.

I haven't shopped for workout gear in a while, so I also spent quite some time online window shopping. I could use some new leggings and sport bras.

Sports Bra

Adidas logo sportswear, $43 / Topshop pink sports bra, $27 / Puma yoga sports bra / Adidas sportswear / Mara Hoffman white sports bra / Lorna Jane sports bra, $56

I usually go for black or grey leggings, simple and comfortable. Colors can make it so much more fun. I really like these pieces.
Sport Leggings

Workout Leggings

I like home workouts but I miss the gym sometimes. I wouldn't mind some extra tools.
I have two tiny dumbbells but they don't do much and I really want heavier ones.
Same for the jump rope. The one I have is so crappy I barely use it.
 Stability ball.. I just think about the so many things I could use it for.
Do you have a fitness wishlist? If so, what do you have on it?

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Disclaimer: stability ball picture from Pinterest. Rope and Dumbbel from google.

To My Younger Self

Looking back at my younger years, there are a lot of things I see and understand completely differently than I did at the time. There is nothing I would change though. Everything I am today is because of all my experiences from the past, good and bad.
There are still a few things that I would tell my younger self.
I saw a few bloggers had a similar post and it motivated me to do one :)

Fight for what you want, don't be so quick to compromise.
There is no limit to what you can do. Do not ever listen to anyone telling you otherwise.
Be more confident, Believe in yourself.

Not everybody is meant for you, you're not meant for everybody and that's OK.
Keep in better touch with the ones you care about.
Time heals a lot. It might not feel like it but there will be other boys.

Don't worry, it gets better.
Appreciate and be more Grateful for what you have.
Life is happening the way it is suppose to, be in the Now.

Write your goals down, Visualize clearly, Plan, Act.
Just start something, practice makes it better.
You'd never be completely ready, sometimes you have trow yourself out there and see.

More than Anything
I am proud of the value you holding, even so young.
Proud of how creative and ambitious you are.
Proud of everything you've accomplished.

I wonder what this would all sound like to me 10 years from now. I wonder what my future self would think about current self.. but before I get there I'm going to try and live the best life I can, enjoy and learn as much as possible.

What would you tell your younger self?

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Few Hacks You Should Try

I think it's always good to know one or two good hacks. I have a few that I really like I want to share with you today.

• Placing your phone/alarm as far away from your bed. I'm a snoozer lol (if that's even a word), so this is very practical one for me some mornings.With my phone on the other side of the room I have tot get out of bed to stop the alarm and once I'm up, I might as well start my day instead of snoozing and going back to sleep.

• Using hair conditioner as shaving cream. I don't even remember how I discovered this hack but I love it so much. Conditioner get you a good close shave and leaves your skin feeling super smooth after shave.

• Drinking a small glass of water before a meal.  I love food and I tend to eat a lot, especially when it taste good. I take a small glass of water just a few mins before my meal and this helps me to avoid overeating.

• Exercising before/during that time of the month. This helps prevent period cramps. I try to workout regularly and for the times I haven't been the most active I try to do a 20 - 30 min routine 3 to 4 times the week of my period and this really saves me.

• Using toothpaste to dry pimples. I put a tiny amount where the spot is, leave it for 1 min, then rinse.  Toothpaste can be a bit drying for the skin so make sure you always moisturize after.

Do you know any good hacks? If yes, please share in the comment section. It;s always good to learn new ones.

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