Let's Make It Personnal

 After six and more years of not blogging, is it safe to say I am back?

Well first, Hello there 🤗

I hope you are doing well and having a great start of the year.

This is day 3 and most of the things if feel I should have handled 3 days in havent really been done. 

I've a pretty easy going 2023.. maybe too easy.. I feel like I could have archeived a bit more.. 

I want to be able at the end of every month, to look back and see what i've done.. keep track of my progress, doings, joy, moments.. have some form of record i can enjoy and get back to at the end of December and see what my year was like spiritually, emotionally, in terms of growth, love, friendship, service.. 

So this is me making it personnal.

12 Thought Provoking Questions

Having the right answers to the wrong questions is not worth much but asking the right questions is already part of the answer.
I've been doing a lot of reflection recently (as always, really). I have some pretty important decisions to make and I'm trying to make sure I consider all angles and ask myself all the right questions.

In the same spirit I thought I would share a few thought provoking questions with you.

What I Would Have Worn..

The closest I came to having a prom was watching it in movies. We don't do proms where I'm from, so I've never had one. I always enjoyed seeing others dress up for the occasion though. All the suits and bows and the amazing beautiful dresses.. it definitely sounds like a very fun experience.  

In my high school, we had an end of the year celebration with dance performances, theater and a lot of other very enjoyable activities. I have had the most amazing memories from these times with family and friends but I can't help but wonder what it would have been like to experience the excitement of going to prom, choosing between dresses, and maybe even being accompanied by a hot date. I don't particularly feel like I really missed out on anything tough.

If I had gone to a prom I would have opted for something a little like this:

5 Ways You're Wasting Your Time

"Know the difference between being patient and wasting your time"
I came across this posted on Instagram and it spoke to me a lot. I realize I have been wasting my time more than I have been patient with a lot of things. Slightly upsetting but I'm glad I at least came to this realization so that I can be more conscious of this in the future.
This quote got me to think about a lot of the different ways one could be wasting their time and pretty much inspired this post.
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