We Are Made to Love

We are made to Love.. Yet I don't seem to see a lot of Love when watching the news recently.

Too many innocent lives being taken away.
Black Lives Matter. . . Police Lives Matter.
I believe there is more than enough Love in our heart for the two. This doesn't mean being against other lives either. Just remember when you say All lives matter, in moments like this, not to just say it as a response to dismiss a cause others are fighting for.
When you believe all lives matter, you should actually care about the lives of humans other than the ones related to you and not stay silent when others are in pain, being oppressed.
If you wouldn't want to be treated the same way Black people are being treated in America why are you staying silent?

Compassion should not be selective.
There are no sides to take when it comes to Human rights, Equally, Fairness.
Let's not fight each other but fight TOGETHER. Together we can create a Better Future.

R.I.P to all the innocents that have loss their lives.  May their love ones find Healing, Peace and Comfort.

Lets change the way we treat each other and promote more LOVE.


  1. Very nice post.
    Unfortunately racism is everywhere. Even in my small country ! (greece).
    I don't know how some people can still think that they are superior to others !
    If we were all united the world would be much better..

    1. It's a very sad thing. We are all people. Differences is normal, it is part of what makes us so unique an part of what makes the world so rich. No one is born superior or inferior. We all part of the human race. I wish we still wouldn't have to teach this in 2016.
      Thank you for your words Nefeli :)


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