You got This!

Don't stress, Organize 💚
Easier said than done.. especially when you have a lot coming and already feeling overwhelmed, but how else are you going to make it happen?!

Stay Positive 💚
I've already had moments of discouragement in the past, and I'm certainly not trying to re-live them. Sometimes after you've tried and failed a few times, you can let yourself get in a space where you stop giving yourself completely because of the fear/anticipation of a new disappointment... but not being fully invested is exactly what prevents things from happening and creates the same failure you were fearing. It's an endless cycle nobody needs.

Be ready for whatever 💚
Stay active.. keep working hard.. practice practice, put as much luck on your side so that when your time comes, you're fully prepared. 
Focus you mind on being/doing better than the previous day.  That way you can only progress. Big goals organized into small goals.. little steps.. small achievements that would each motivate you to do more and more. That's the cycle you want! 

Trust yourself, and of course don't forget to pray. You got this!

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