Introvert Problems

I do consider myself to be an introvert.
It is a bittersweet label, not only because we all seem to have different understanding when it comes to the actual meaning of the word, but also because of all the misconceptions associated with it.
When I say I'm an introvert people can assume anything from the word,boring, shy, non-sociable, hung up... what not. I simply enjoy my own space a lot. Contrary to popular belief, I actually really like people and spending quality time with them, but after a while I just really need to be by myself and recharge. I prefer deep conversations, I never know what to say during small talks as  don't want to say anything that's already obvious or be redundant.
These are some of the characteristics that are true to me.. I do not represent all introverts out there.
Sarah Andersen representing me so well lol

Getting judged as an introvert is pretty much inevitable. You get told you don't know how to enjoy my life etc.. but whatever, I'm happy being me so I don't really care.

I found this chart on Tumblr. I thought it was a funny but yet quite accurate. I can totally relate. Well, except for the speak slowly part. This is by no means meant to stereotype all introverts out there. We are similar in a few ways but all very different and unique individuals. Every introvert has their own personality.
Here are 10 problems I'm sure all introverts know very well.

What are your thoughts? Are you more of an Introvert, Extrovert or Ambivert (in between the two)?
I hope you're all having a Lovely Weekend :)

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