24 Things I'm Grateful For

There are a lot of things to be thankful for everyday that we sometimes fail to appreciate. Like having a roof above our head, food, clean water.. I get caught sometimes complaining during hard times but I know I am truly blessed. Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and for me it isn't just about good food and how much turkey you can eat, but more about getting together and being appreciative of all we have. In the spirit of the holiday I wanted to do a gratitude post and share 24 things I am thankful for.

Why 24? Thanksgiving this year lands on the 24th so I thought I'd round my list up to that number. From the very important things in my life to the simple things that bring me joy, In no particular order.

.Being Alive

.My family



.Having a place I can call home

.Beautiful childhood memories

.Potable water

.Being in good health

.Good friends

.Random silly moments with my siblings

.Ice cream

.Having an Education

.Hard times because they made me stronger

.Good books and the knowledge, entertainment and dreams they brought me

.Having food to eat

.Having clothes to wear

.Good movies

.My mistakes and what they've thought me

.My phone, laptop and the internet

.Messaging apps that help me stay in touch with my love ones abroad

.Being able to admire all the beauty the world has to offer

.All my amazing and beautiful blogger friends and readers


.God's Love

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I hope you have a lovely celebration. What are you most grateful for this holiday?

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