Positive Affirmation

Decide that your day is going to be good and that you are going to do good. Believe that and act with that belief.

Your thoughts create your reality. When you have negative thoughts, you subconsciously do things that lead you in the direction of failure. You fail to truly invest yourself or do your best because you anticipate negative results. But this exact behaviour is what creates the negative outcome, and negative results validate the negative thoughts which create a negative life. Cycle.
When you have positive thoughts, you're more likely to do things that go in the direction of your goals. When you face challenges, you do not approache them wth a defeated mind but instead yo see them as a way to surpass yourself. You adjust you plan and stay focus on creating solutions. You find alternatives and stay happy.

Knowing this doesn't automatically make the negative thoughts go away. I too still have moments when I have to fight with my thoughts. The fears, the self doubt... but I know the key is to practice positive affirmation. We are not prisoners of our thoughts. We control them, not the other way around.

Affirmation of the day:
I am Strong, I am Confident, I am Able, I am Brave, I Believe in me.

I declare:
The last two months of this year are going to be great. I won't worry about what I don't have control over. I will make the best of whatever comes my way. I will be more productive, Love more, Help more, be more Grateful.
I'm putting it out there.

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