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What social media platform do you spend most of your time on? For me that would be Instagram. I don't post as consistently as I would love to, but I really enjoy stalking a bit here and there on my favorite pages.
This is a very light post to match my very light Saturday. I'm doing minimum work today and relaxing mostly.
These are some of my recent Instagram likes. btw you can connect with me Here

Discovered The Awkward Yeti a while back and fell in Love with his work. Amazing

Because we can never have too much of this Teach Love, Show Love, Be Love

So many great fashion illustrators on the gram. This is just one whose work I really enjoy. 

Braids braids braids.. ♡ Love them, Want them _Jazitup 

My Favorite Yoga Inspiration  Laura Kasperzak (Laura Sykora) ..she amazes me

Discovered Sarah Andersen Comics recently and I've spent too much time on her page already
 This pretty much represents me right now lol

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Have a wonderful weekend :)

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