Fun Things to Enjoy This Weekend

It's the weekend baby. I know a lot of us get excited about the weekend and finally getting some time off from school or work to just relax. I try to enjoy everyday of the week but I love the weekend just a little more. I get to sleep in if I want to, hang with some friends, catch up on my favorite shows..  

Here are a few fun things you could enjoy this weekend.

No excuses, wake up and get your workout in. I promise you will feel so good afterwards and you'll be so proud of yourself. Whatever you thing is.. hit the gym, go for a jog, take walk in the park, cycle around..

Binge watch your favorite show 
I don't know about you but I have a list of tv shows I love and I don't always get to see them during the week. The weekend is the perfect time for me to just sit with some pop corn or cereal and catch up on everything. You don't have to do this by yourself. You can sit with a sibling or a friend and get some quality time together.
You can also go out and watch a movie.                     

Hang with friends 
Spending time with friends is always entertaining regardless of whatever we do. It doesn't have to be extra or expensive. You can have deep conversations, silly ones, play a game of twister or scrabble, enjoy a nice meal... the fun is always greater when shared. 

Perfect time to try new recipes, bake something you like. You can also start preparing planning and preparing your meals for the week ahead. This will save you some time and prevent you from improvising and indulging on unhealthy snacks. 

There are a million amazing books out there just waiting for you. Pick a random on and enjoy a good fiction, drama, inspiration.. let words carry you away and make you dream.

Enjoy a warm bath 
One of the simplest way to unwind. Put some nice music on, light a few candles, clear you mind and just enjoy. .

What do you enjoy doing on your weekends? Let me know in the comments below. 
I'm catching up with friends and family. Watching the Olympics, maybe a movie too, Blogging, Working Out, Cooking. 

Whatever your plans, by yourself or with company, I hope you have fun this Weekend!

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